Data Protection Policy

Welcome to the personal data protection section of DCU Language Services’ website. This section of the website is administered by a combination of DCU Language Services’ Marketing and Data Protection teams. Centrally in DCU, the University’s Data Protection Unit within the Office of the Chief Operations Officer is responsible for creating and maintaining the bulk of data protection policies throughout the university and those relating to our campus company. To view up-to-date DCU data protection policies, please see the links further down this page.

The University and DCU Language Services manage a great deal of personal data, primarily but not exclusively, relating to staff, students, and third-party suppliers. We take the confidentiality of all personal data seriously and consequently takes all reasonable steps to comply with data protection legislation. The Univerisity and DCU Language Services endeavour to collect personal data only in order to meet specific legitimate purposes and to retain that data only for so long as those purposes remain valid. Ordinarily, we will not pass personal data to any third party except where required by law, or under statutory obligations or for other legitimate purposes as balanced against the rights and interests of the Data Subject. If data is passed to third-parties to accommodate business and operational needs, this will have been pre-agreed with the individual through either a contract or a consent form and notice.