What We do

Our Aim:

We want to produce easily understandable and impactful multilingual video messages so that those who struggle with the English language understand, and have full access to, vital services and important Information in Irish society.

Why Video Messaging?

Translated written material will work for some but not for all. It presumes high literacy levels of the recipient and often messages simply translated from one language to another on paper, lack impact and cultural appropriateness. Also communication is part verbal and part physical – we communicate with our hands, our eyes, our smile. Our Multilingual Video Messages are delivered by native speakers, trusted relatable sources who we coach in how to present.

Who makes the multilingual video messages?

  • The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) approve scripts for the Covid19 World Service videos once written by our Medical Lead
  • HSE departments and public bodies may provide the script which is then translated before presentation
  • For health-related videos messages we work with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in Ireland who present the videos in their first language
  • For non-health-related videos we also work with teachers, linguists and other professionals – originally from overseas but now living and working in Ireland
  • Presenters film themselves at home or in work presenting the scripts. We assist with an instruction video on style, best ways to record and technical advice.
  • Each campaign has a specific design style thanks to our Head of Production – Shane Flynn

How does it work?

  • Once scripted, translated, presented and edited the multilingual video messages are posted on TranslateIreland.ie
  • We work with our network of NGOS, local migrant groups, commissioning partners and embassies to share these video messages online and via WhatsApp
  • The video messages can be shared between users at the click of a button via WhatsApp so that everyone can access vital information in a language they understand and from a trusted source.
  • Also doctors, nurses and others can visit TranslateIreland.ie, find the specific video they want in a certain language and SHARE THE LINK with their patient or client in seconds via smartphone.

How to share Translate Ireland multilingual video messages:

Who do we work with?:

The HSE, Government Departments, Public bodies and NGOs predominantly.

Is this service only available in Ireland?

No, we can work with you no matter where in the world you are and look forward to hearing from you.

Can we commission multilingual video messages?

Yes, just drop us an email to translations@dcu.ie and we will talk you through how straight-forward, impactful and cost-effective the service is. Also we can turn around multilingual video messaging campaigns in a short space of time.